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About Diane Zass

Diane Zass' creative spirit is powered by pure passion from within the heart.

I grew up in a small town within northwestern Ontario, Canada, where the richness of simplicity surrounded me like the vast evergreen forests and spacious acres of land and lakes. The fresh Canadian air and the amazing picturesque seasons were a reminder of the rhythm of life; we breathe and we keep going.

I was the last born in a family of five. My father was an endless tinker’er and was forever resurrecting discarded finds into treasured items. My mom, who under all the difficult circumstances she endured, carried a fierce determination of perseverance, patience and courage to keep moving forward the best she could. These qualities run deep within my soul and have stitched together the frame work of who I am.

My imagination

was a place I felt at peace with.

I remember as a young child creating my own dolls and broaches out of ordinary supplies I found lying around the house. I guess the saying, “Making something out of nothing” was a common thread in our house.

At some point during my High School years, my passion for creativity was overtaken by a growing belief..

I thought my life was a series of events that happened to me. Deep down, I knew this was false but it took some maturing, further life experiences and support from family and friends to see the real truth. Our life is not told by what happens to us, but rather a story that is crafted by the gift of choices we make.

I spent a total of 6 amazing years as a nurse in the medical/surgical unit and then finally, as a postpartum nurse until our son was born in 2005. During my nursing career, my deep passion for caring, nurturing and protection was renewed as with other qualities I hold close to my heart.

The passion for art and creativity was reawakened culminating with the 2009 formation of my jewelry company. This journey could be compared to an onion, if you will. We are not about absolutes but are layers upon layers, each softer, more vulnerable, but definitely stronger!

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Handmade designs
that embrace simplicity, elegance and favors an everyday kind of chicness

Each piece of jewelry is uniquely made and ultimately an extension of me.
My designs are simple, delicate and refined, yet they can be easily worn with your favourite causal outfit and /or carried into an elegant evening attire. I take extra pride in choosing the highest qualities of material and gemstones by shopping as much locally as possible.

My jewelry is more than an extension of me, it is a gift full of love, pure passion and a sparkly of simplicity. I can admit there is this intense humbleness and a surreal feeling felt when I see another woman wearing my designs — the proverbial fluttering in my stomach. This is how I know that I am exactly where I need to be…

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